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The Story
The Style

Hello! So glad you are here!


 My name is Ren

I enjoy all things romantic, whimsical, technical, literary, nostalgic, & vintage. Portrait photography is my canvas, the dear humans I meet are the inspirations & colors breathing life into its fibers.


Photos will always be a mysterious & magical experience! Ever since my curious fingers discovered that Kodak-film camera, in all its plastic glory, on a table at a wedding reception, to now,5 years in the field…  Continuing  to craft those magic snippets-of-moments, into precious little time-capsules, helping to preserve & celebrating the dearest faces & milestones for my clients. 


A Little Bit
About My Style 

Photography & the process of creating it is deeply meaningful because photos are the means of pausing time. Then, taking that snapshot, rendering it through the editing process, adding tones of soft-richness & warmth, so the final product can be cherished, savored, and shared for years to come.​​

The photography style I use is influenced by movement based posing, using prompts to help my clients engage & relax, creating numerous unique expressions and opportunities for great photos.  


Most of my locations are outdoor, urban/downtown and nature scenes, in homes, or using simple backdrops, as well as quirky & artistic themes/concepts, with the priority of and embracing the connection, narrative, relationships, &  personalities of my clients. 


My “look” consists of soft yet rich colors, champagne-warm & golden skin tones, and sometimes more than a hint of vintage nostalgia. 

Photography is not just taking pictures, it is the process of creating a time capsule, a collection of images to be cherished and celebrated for years to come.


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